About Us

Welcome to Industrial Technologies – we’re a new company with a long history as a focused and specialist distributor. Formed in 2017 we are part of The ConTech Group and sister company of Connection Technologies Ltd.

As we continue to search the world for the best product to suit our clients’ requirements, meeting NZ demands and operating reliability for long periods under NZ conditions, we found Weicon GmbH, a German manufacturer of electrical assembly tooling who we now represent.

Weicon were established in 1947 and their specialist products are available in more than 100 countries. With its headquarters in Munster Germany and subsidiaries in Dubai, Canada, Turkey, Romania and South Africa, Industrial Technologies joins more than 70 other Weicon partners across the globe. In many countries they are the leading supplier of the products in their market area.

Find out more about Weicon products and applications here:

We are proud to be part of this global network and to represent the Weicon unmatched range of industrial products. The in depth service and product knowledge as offered by Connection Technologies will be replicated by the manner in which Industrial Technologies will bring the Weicon range to the NZ market. Now, when New Zealand industry has a critical need, we can supply the right end to end solution to their problem. The quality and performance of these products have not been seen in NZ before and offer a whole new level of “best in class” performance.

At Industrial Technologies we now offer a comprehensive range of unique and specialist:

We are pleased to bring to NZ the world’s best specialist products for all areas of industry – from manufacturing and production through to repair and maintenance.

Combine the performance of these products with the extensive technical knowledge we have on call and you have your problems solved. All you need to do is tell us what you are trying to achieve, manufacture or fix and we can tell you what you need and how to make it work.

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