Flex 310M Stainless Steel


Suitable for stainless steel, aluminium and non ferrous metals.

WEICON Flex 310 M Stainless-Steel adhesive and sealant is non-corrosive, strong, over paintable (wet in wet), sandable, resistant to aging and UV rays and is free of silicone, isocyanate, halogens or solvents.

WEICON Flex 310 M Stainless-Steel has an ISEGA certificate and can be used as an adhesive in food technology.

WEICON Flex 310 M Stainless-Steel is an elastic adhesive on MS polymer basis and is suitable for bonding and sealing of seams and joints on metals such as stainless steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals.

Flex 310 M Stainless-Steel can also be used in all application fields where the colour of the adhesive and sealant must match the surface material (e. g. stainless steel, aluminium, etc.).

WEICON Flex 310 M Stainless-Steel can be used in metal construction, tank and apparatus engineering, food industry, in kitchen and sanitary installations, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and in all applications where silicones or products containing silicones are not suitable.


290 ml Stainless Steel RAL 9023* Part No 13656290

*corresponds approximately to the specified RAL colours.