Speed-Flex Crystal


Suitable for crystal-clear adhesion.

Speed-Flex Crystal is a quick-acting, strong and general-purpose power adhesive on MS polymer basis.

Due to its strong adhesive force, it can replace conventional fastening solutions such as screws, dowels or rivets. Speed-Flex Crystal is pasty and tight; thus even adhesions on vertical surfaces in interior and exterior areas can be easily carried out.

The new sealant and adhesive can be painted over „wet in wet“, has outstanding aging stability, is weather-resistant, UV-resistant and free of silicones, isocyanates, halogens and solvents.

Due to its crystal-clear curing properties, Speed-Flex Crystal is particularly suitable in areas which should remain visually appealing, where no adhesive seam should be visible. Thus e.g. transparent plastics, acrylic glass or other materials can be quickly, cleanly and appropriately connected with each other.

In addition, Speed-Flex Crystal is suitable for numerous other materials. Whether metals, plastics, concrete, marble, natural and artificial stone, ceramic, enamel, plaster, MDF, wood, chipboard, fibre and plasterboard panels - all these materials can be permanently fixed with each other and together using Speed-Flex Crystal.

Speed-Flex Crystal can be used in many industrial sectors, such as in drywall and interior construction, in metalworking, in tank and apparatus construction, in ventilation and air conditioning technology or in trade fair and shop construction.

  • 310 ml Crystal-Clear Part No 13608310
  • WEICON Cartridge Gun Part No 13250002